A thought about organic certification

Organic Certification

We at Heritage Oils are often asked for organic oils and products. Then when we say we only have one – Australian Eucalyptus radiata, or that our products are made from a pure and natural base and are chemical free, most or our clients are happy with that but some either pass us by or, those who are after an educated response question us why??

Organic certification is a product of this current era where we are becoming more aware of the dangers of chemicals and the adulteration of our products whether we apply them to the skin, inhale them or ingest. Organic certification tests the origin and processing of primary products to ensure that there has been no contamination from synthetic chemicals – specifically relevant to the establishment and management of our products which have had contact with the soil.

But uur primary products have access to rain and rain is not considered organic. Some base products and creams have organic ingredients but that does not make the finished product organic.

Food for thought – The process leading up to organic certification is time consuming and costly for small business. That cost is added to your product hence the reason why ‘organic’ is more expensive. The question is often asked as to why, bearing in mind the primary product has been grown without the cost of chemicals and in a controlled environment. The answer being, it is indeed a new industry where marketing has taken an edge on what is promoted as ‘pure and natural’ and what is claimed as organic. The cost to the grower, retailer and consumer is a consequence of the ongoing management required to maintain that claim, which lies in paper work, annual inspections and advertising.

Some of the West Australian plantation Sandalwood will be registered as organic very soon, the oil from which will be sold as organic. However, that does not mean that the oil is any better than what is currently processed. It will be distilled by the same method, the only difference will be that it has been registered and will come at a higher price.

Heritage Oils will in the future have more organic products in our range but right now we are more focused on healthy soils providing all the proper nutrients for the plants to grow and the best distillation processes to bring to you a premium product.

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