Below is a list of testimonials that have been supplied by our satisfied customers

Copaiba Oil

This oil is truly amazing! I was intuitively drawn to this oil when I visited Julia's stall a few weeks back. After only a short time of using it once daily at night, a fairly dark spot that had grown over the years on the side of my nose, started to fade. It is very noticably lighter and has started to get smaller. This week, I scratched my thumb when trimming a few roses.....my first instinct usually is Lavender.....yet this time was guided to apply Copaiba. Wow.....within 24 hours the scratch was hardly to be seen....and no pain! Can highly recommend this amazing balm! Love using it! Thank you to Heritage Oil!

Sabine - Perth

I recently visited you in a market in Perth and I was given some kunzea which has totally cleared up my eczema, thank you so much for your advice, it was literally the only thing that helped


I love using blue cypress soap because it is a natural plant based soap made with pure essentials oils. The soap is gentle enough for all-over and the essential oils soothe my skin. It’s perfect for cleansing, produces a rich lather and long lasting.

Anna Cappelletta, Perth WA

I bought some of your Smitten Oil from the Yarra Glen Market. We are now on a 6 month road trip, we stopped at Rainbow Beach in Qld and were eaten alive by Midges -after applying your oil - the itch was gone in minutes and the red marks faded. Will definitely be getting more.
Thanking you

Jenni Horton

Having been badly bitten by sand flies in Karratha, my son Oscar - 5 - would take Smitten to bed with him at night . When he woke up itching he would rub Smitten onto the bites which stopped him scratching. Oscar loves the smell of the Kunzea and Lavender oils combined in Smitten. If I applied Smitten on the bites of all my 3 boys, I found the swelling would go down and they wouldn’t scratch. I love Smitten as it’s safe for children and a purely natural remedy for bites and stings as well as for scratches and grazes which are a constant part of the  little boys lives.

Olivia Samiotis, Karratha 2010 - 2013

Several months ago I was somewhat ‘distracted’ and fell off my bike on my way to uni. The bike clipped a curb and I fell on my elbow, damaging the ligaments quite badly. Having spent many hours trying to find a soothing cream to help my  aching elbow, I came across Heritage Oils Tasmania’s Joint and Muscle Oil. Not only has it reduced the pain, but by applying the oil at night it has helped me though copious hours of essay and assignment writing. I would recommend it to any student with a similar injury.

Miles - Perth WA

I was given this Smitten to try as I had been complaining about the amount of biting insects we have around here (here being The Limousin in France) especially at certain times of the year. ‘No problem I was told we have a product that will help. It won’t stop the insects biting but it will help relieve the itchiness and swelling’. A trial size of the product, which was sent to me from Heritage Oils Tasmania, Australia, duly arrived. I had had the product for about four weeks before it was necessary to try it. I was not only surprised that it worked, but that it worked really well. It relieved the itching straight away and the swelling and redness within 12 - 24 hours depending on the bite, (some were bigger than others). I shall be ordering the full size version in time for next year’s insect season… Super product thanks.

Ann Vipond, France

Smitten - In the area we live, mosquitoes, spiders, ants ad sand flies are a problem. My 3 year old is constantly getting bitten and reacts quite badly. Heritage Oils Tasmania's Smitten has worked wonders! The temporary relief it gives him allows him to sleep untroubled by itching. The swelling is reduced rapidly and he recovers much quicker when I use it. The handy roll-on allows me to take it anywhere and quickly apply it without my little one even noticing! It’s great for us adults as well.

Anna Couzic

Skin Rejuvenation Oil - I have been using the Red Rosehip Skin Rejuvenation Oil for 8 months now and I’ve found my perfect beauty product! The oil sinks into my skin quickly so I don’t have that all day ‘shine’. It is perfect under my daily cream and as part of my nightly skin regime. I have noticed blemishes fading and wrinkles softening. People have been commenting on how well I look and how I’m ‘glowing’ - I have to thank this amazing oil.

Anna Couzic