Western Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil


Sandalwood Essential Oil Western Australia? is a creamy light amber colour after steam distillation. Most of the WA Sandalwood essential oil produced today is not used locally but exported to Asia, Europe and America for the use of incense, as a perfume fixative, spiritual agent and for medicinal purposes.?Vaporise this beautiful Sandalwood oil and relax, inhaling its light, sweet woody aroma and smokey undertones

Sandalwood essential oil blends well with many other essential oils, but you only need a few drops due to its high concentration. Although sandalwood oil has been known to be highly sort after and expensive, our oil is readily available and does not draw a high price like many oils on the market.? Used with care for its known anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial purposes WA Sandalwood oil will be a valuable asset to your essential oil collection.