100% Natural and effective insect repellent! Our Mozzie range is well known and developed without the use of any toxic products!

From the many requests for non-chemical products that can safely and effectively ward away mosquitoes and pesky insects, Heritage Oils researched many options and has come up with one of the best.The One Stop Mozzie Shop incorporates a selection of chemical free products which are ‘family safe’ and provides a choice of diffusers for outside use to suit your needs.

From the knowledge that DEET eroded the stitching of the uniforms worn by the American military, and being privy to the chemical free option PMD, we have produced an alternative which is receiving excellent feedback.

PMD (p-Menthane-3,8-diol) is the active ingredient in our repellent, coming from the essential oil of the Australian species of eucalypt – Corymbia citriodora or Lemon Scented Gum.

‘PMD is the only natural active ingredient that is permitted to be used as an insect repellent in the USA and Europe’ (Wikipedia)

Whilst PMD may not be quite as effective as DEET, blended with other ingredients in our repellent, it is providing a chemical free alternative and therefore safer to use for the family.

Our insect coils and sticks come in different sizes and burn times, depending on the occasion. Either for camping, picnics or to the evening outdoor cinema or drinks on the patio, they are made with WA Sandalwood, Australian Blue Cypress wood and a small percentage of citronella. The emissions from these woods repel flying critters and pests, having been used by Australian Aboriginals for that purpose. Enclosed in the diffusers reduces the risk of fire and provides a vessel which can be easily moved.

Best time to light the sticks or coils in the diffusers is prior to dusk when the mozzies tend to swarm. In Australia we are outdoors most of the summer and at times when insects bite. Mosquito related diseases are on the increase so it is important that we keep ourselves from not being bitten.

On the occasion that you may receive that vicious bite, we have Smitten to help ease the irritation and reduce the propect of further infection from scratching.

The diffusers are not designed for indoor use but by keeping them lit near a door will reduce the chance of mozzies entering the house. If you own an essential oil diffuser, try diffusing Australian Palmarosa in the house to keep the mozzies at bay. Our insect repellent is safe to use on the face to avoid being bitten whilst asleep. But avoid contact with the eyes and keep out of the reach of small children.

The purpose of our One Stop Mozzie shop is for you to enjoy your summer lifestyle and be comfortable.