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We have included a range of Carrier/vegetable oils as it is important to dilute essential oils in a carrier before you use them directly on your skin. There are a few essential oils which are not harmful if in direct contact with the skin but it is probably a good habit to get into, to use a carrier all the time, specifically if you are applying them to young children’s skin which is immature and not able to take pure undiluted essential oils – over time they will damage the skin’s surface.Also vegetable oils are excellent for the skin if you are making your own products. Most are rich in fatty acids – Omega 3, 6, 9 and are important components in skin and body care.

If you are making your own massage oils, several good carriers will make your massage that more enjoyable and add to the healing factor if there are any skin impediments, painful muscles or tiredness. It is good to add an essential oil for the aroma, but essential oils are better off used with several carriers to make an effect.