Our focus is on simplicity. Premium essential oil facial cream products, blended from Western Australian Sandalwood nut oil.

WA Sandalwood essential oil with especially chosen carrier oils and lotions to produce ongoing assistance to help restore the balance of moisture to your skin.

Enviromental and health factors influence the capacity for your skin to remain looking healthy and well nourished. In drier climates like Australia, sun exposure and wind can leave your skin looking chappped and dehydrated, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear which can be seen as an ageing process.

Our premium oil in our Facial Creams and Serums Range is West Australian Sandalwood nut oil, high in Omega 9 and contains the unique qualities of Ximenynic Acid. This natural acid absorbs into the surface blood vessels of the skin and as a result, aids in promoting skin health, skin tone and elasticity – reducing fine lines as an anti-ageing tool.

Our products are chemical free, reducing the concern for long term application of chemicals absorbed by the skin. Women can be exposed to over 200 chemicals daily, with a known 60% of those chemicals entering the skin. It is good to be aware of what long term affects could bring by reducing those chemicals over time.

Our oils and creams are multi-use products, use at any time of day or night, perfect for both genders – addressing the need for men to look after their skin-naturally.

A 90 day efficacy trial included men and women aged 23 – 65, living in humid and dry climates in Australia. The results were very positive. Adding a small percentage of Sandalwood Nut oil to a pure base cream, 70-80% said their skin was more hydrated and supple, 50% documented that their skin was less blotchy and more toned and 70-72% said their skin felt tighter and noticed a reduction in fine lines. (See 90 day efficacy trial report.)

Our night and day serums, conatin the purest of carrier oils – Rosehip canina and eglanteria with added Camellia and Apricot Kernel Oil for our special range. Rosehip oil contains vitamins A and C, excellent for skin rehydration and nourishment. Rosehip oil is a ‘dry oil’ and will not clog the pores of the skin. It penetrates rapidly, leaving the skin feeling soft and well nourished. We believe Rosehip oil gives the best results for our products – ‘ask Princess Kate’.

Camellia Oil – Camellia sasanqua – is an anti-oxidant, reducing rancidity of the product over time and protecting the skin from free radical damage. Together with the Sandalwood Nut oil, Camellia oil is high in Omega 9 – oleic acid, which increases the moisturising properties, providing anti-ageing benefits with improved skin elasticity, skin cell regeneration and reduced scarring, whilst the WA Sandalwood essential oil acts as a natural preservative, an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

Our Facial Cream is a rich luxurious non greasy cream, perfect for those who prefer a cream to an oil. It has vegetable based ingredients with no added alcohols or fragrances. By keeping to natural ingredients in our Facial range there should be no reaction – but we recommend always try a skin test.

We use airless pumps as applicators to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould caused by contact with the skin. This will increase the life of your product.

There is no expectation that you will look younger in one week! As skin ages it takes on fine lines, sun spots, scars. There is no quick fix! The best results come by looking after your skin early, keeping it hydrated and away from the strong rays of the sun.


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or 4 payments from $5.00 with Afterpay

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or 4 payments from $5.00 with Afterpay