Monday, 13 July 2015 10:38

Kunzea Oil forces ticks out of pets skin

Remove ticks from pet dogsOne of the little dogs for whom we used the Kunzea Oil is Lucy. She’s a 3 year old miniature poodle crossed with a King Charles Spaniel.

She lives on a big property in Nimbin NSW where there are ticks galore. The tick season is just starting, but the tiny grass ticks proliferate. They pack the same big punch as the big ticks, but they’re so tiny (like the tip of a needle), they’re impossible to see & simply need to be dug out. Of course, no animal wants you moving around in their flesh with a sharp implement, so they are extremely difficult to remove & animals get very, very sick.

Kunzea Oil to the rescue.

I dipped a cotton bud into the oil, dabbed it all around the bites on her toes & that’s all I did. The ticks pulled out as soon as they were 'touched’ by the oil. Problem instantly GONE with no digging at all. Enormous success!!! But Lucy hates the smell so it was straight up the wall & across the ceiling for her.