Saturday, 17 May 2014 21:17

Blue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers

mozzie-and-difusser-blog-imageBlue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers.

Heritage Oils Tasmania launches the new Blue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers. Made with the purest essential oil of Eucalyptus citriodora and Citronella, combined with plantation Blue Cypress wood. These MOZZIE sticks are suitable for outdoor areas as a deterrent to flying insects, especially those that bite!! Free from chemicals and giving off a gentle smoke, our Blue Cypress MOZZIE sticks in their diffusers placed around the garden will remind you of the Australian bush with that special aroma of lemon eucalyptus which bugs and Mozzies hate.

Natural And Safe To Use

Absolutely safe to use in the diffusers, keeping those little prying eyes and hands away from the smouldering tip. As a special feature, the upright case of the diffuser remains cool during the 3.5 hours burning time with a handle to make moving nice and easy and a wide base to stop tipping.

N.B. Always keep your Blue Cypress MOZZIE repellent and diffusers at ground level to allow the smoke to rise.

Light the tip of the MOZZIE sticks well to ensure they burn evenly in the diffusers.

Your sticks can be extinguished and re-lit for another occasion.