Links to the websites of companies that endorse and/or are distributors of our pure and natural essential oils and products. We have a close relationship with our distributors and clients, sharing the value our ethos of ‘letting nature take care of you naturally’.


Natural Zinc, skin colour, 30+ manufactured by UnderOurSun Foundation – – distributed by Heritage Oils. The launch of their number one product Natural Zinc Sunscreen – 100% pure and organic has taken them to new heights. We support their philosophy ‘to be better for you, better for your skin and better for our oceans’.

Sprout Grocers – – specialise in organic foods and natural products located in Townsville, Queensland. Stock our Mozzie Sandalwood sticks, coils & diffusers.

Elena Graydon of produces superb handmade soaps and bath bombs – made with innovation and the greatest of care. Elena purchases her essential oils from us for her products which demonstrates the power of partnerships in local business. 

One of  our favourite local Aromatherapists Joelene Bridge of joelene@illuminatearomatherapy includes many of our essential oils in her aromatherapy blends and our basic diffusers for her valuable work with age care remedial massage. 

Down south in lovely Dunsborough Myriam Zaggia of supports us in her kinesiology work with locals and tourists visiting that popular area. is using our special Champagne blend in our new Nebuliser with extra lavender to provide the appropriate ambience for his clinic. 

Lorin Hall of is using our Manuka and Fragonia for her sensational pure balms. These products are very popular for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne etc.

Helen Kerr Aromatherapist – Dip. Aromatherapy   Cert 1V Massage

Monica Witsch    Aromatherapist & Naturopath  AdvDip (Nat), Dip Aromatherapy, BSc