Links to the websites of companies that endorse and/or are distributors of our pure and natural essential oils and products. We have a close relationship with our distributors and clients, sharing the value our ethos of ‘letting nature take care of you naturally’.

Second Nature Botanicals –

We create Natural home and cleaning products for those seeking a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. We use the most effective natural plant and mineral based ingredients with Heritage Oils pure and natural essential oils, that will not only get things clean but will make your home smell wonderful.

Most importantly they are completely safe, effective and non-toxic for our households especially for the little precious ones and those that are furry.

Our beautiful glass containers are designed to be refilled and reused as a simple alternative to single-use plastics so we have a lower impact on the world around us and live sustainably.’  Kirsty Shorten

Natural Zinc, skin colour, 30+ manufactured by UnderOurSun Foundation – – distributed by Heritage Oils. The launch of their number one product Natural Zinc Sunscreen – 100% pure and organic has taken them to new heights. We support their philosophy ‘to be better for you, better for your skin and better for our oceans’.

Ecommerce stockists Simon and Therese of Gourmet Nation, promote and retail Australian products – Stock Heritage Oils produce from the One Stop Mozzie Shop.

Sprout Grocers – – specialise in organic foods and natural products located in Townsville, Queensland. Stock our Mozzie Sandalwood sticks, coils & diffusers.