Essential Market Dates for your Diary


Enjoy some time-out on a weekend and come and visit us at the Heritage Oils stand at any of the markets listed below, updated throughout the year. Essential oils and related products that are new to you should be tested on your skin before you purchase which you can't do on a website. So come and sample our beautiful products, learn how they are grown and processed and the fascinating story which lies behind each one of our Australian oils. They are personal to us as many of the growers and distillers are our friends.

Our senior Australian Sandalwood and essential oil consultant is currently assisting in the first distillation of Wild and Plantation Sandalwood at the newly commissioned Sandalwood Factory in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, a joint venture between the Dutjahn Sandalwood Company and WASP, processing Santalum spicatum from the Western Desert managed by the Indigenous owner of that region, The Forest Products Commission and West Australian Sandalwood Plantation Company. 

  Satuday 14th April

Heritage Oils Showroom will be open with our consultant to answer any questions you may have about essential oils or our products

Unit 1, 42 Collingwood St Osborne Park

9am - 12pm

 Thursday 21st April - Saturday 23rd April  Park Shopping Centre Pop-up  East Victoria Park Shopping Centre  9am- 5pm daily
Sunday 22nd April

 Perth City Markets

 Murray St Mall

 10.00am - 4pm




Heritage Oils is working towards a new look in 2018 with a fresh website and new retail / wholesale products made from our special Australian essential and vegetable oils. Our retail facility at Unit 1, 42 Collingwood St, Osborne Park, Perth is open weekly from 9am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am- 12pm unless under extreme circumstances when we are staffing our stall at a market mentioned above. 

For all our repeat customers, once the website has been lodged you will need to register again. For this we apologise as we know it takes a little time.

We have designed the showroom for you to feel at home to experiment with essential and vegetable oils to suit your personal taste. Start with testing oils from our extensive range of pure and natural oils from all over Australia and countries including South Africa, Madagascar, Italy, France, Indonesia, India, Somaliland etc.

Our Australian oils come with stories of the growers and distillers, many of whom are small family companies from rural communities. It is our intention to support those small businesses who strive to ensure we receive the best of essential oils at the most reasonable prices available.

It is not our policy to over-price our oils neither do we or push you into purchasing. Essential oils are extremely highy concentrated and therefore have a long shelf life. By law in Australia we have to print Best Before dates on our oils. From those dates we will either remove them or re-test.

Because our essential oils are cheaper than many others on the market, does not mean they are not pure - on the contrary. Be aware of companies which state they have the best oils in the world and noone else is good enough. Australia is world reknown for its efficacy in marketing and selling essential oils. So purchasing an Australian product guarantees you quality. Buying essential oils online can be a risk if you are not familiar with the company selling them or haven't tried the oils first.

Essential oils consist of natural plant chemicals, so every batch is slightly different unless manufacturing processes are in place to keep them uniform. They are made up of plant chemicals, each of which has a different effect, you may react to one of those chemicals which is why it is good to know the compounds which make up each essential oil and trying a patch test before you buy is always a good idea.   

All essential oils have a ''therapeutic'' benefit, addressing issues of the mind, soul or body. They have been used by cultures for many thousands of years - they are not new. Essential oils are very trendy now and there is a lot of information about them - not all is correct. They are there to be enjoyed and you will have a lot of fun blending and discovering new aromas to suit yourself. 

Our new feature is the essential oil ultrasonic diffusers and car humidifiers. These can be seen on our New Lines page. They have been hand-picked from the factory to ensure their quality. They are all very reasonably priced 

We have available products in our Showroom which we retail and wholesale, from our popular 'One Stop Mozzie Shop', Natural Cleaning Products by Ecobotanicals, Body Scrubs by Unicorn Naturals, Essential Oil Yoga Eye Pillows & Bees Wax Wraps by Soulthreads and a range of bodycare products and blended oils made by us. But our motive is for you to make your own products to suit yourself and your loved ones - the opportunities are endless.

You are invited to have your own personal work station in our Showroom to try the oils and familiarise yourselves with the new ones we have included in our collection. Bring along your favourite recipe and blend your own fragrance, decongestant or vaporising oil - make your own hand lotion or room spray as you can purchase bottles, vials or rollons here to fill and take home with you. Bring along friends and have your own group session by appointment or we will come to you. 

Our philosophy is aligned with the International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association Inc and we support the IAAMA Accredtied Practitioners - Western Australian Group to whom we make referrals for those requesting therapeutic advice from pure and natural essential oils.

Summer is here - so is our harsh Australian sun. Keep your skin moisturised and protected and avoid being bitten by mosquitoes which are becoming increasingly prevalent.