APRIL 2021 – Special offer

Diffuser 15% off

At Heritage Oils we stock a variety of ultrasonic, nebulising and passive diffusers to suit your needs.  Available in various shapes and sizes, lighting and timer functions.

Visit our website or retail shop in Osborne Park to view our diffuser range. 
Enjoy the discount on the entire Heritage Oils range.  

Oils – 10% off

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Proudly Australian produced, the Heritage Oils Palmarosa is grown and distilled in Queensland. A sweet, grassy floral aroma, with a subtle likeness to rose, our Palmarosa is a calming, soothing pure essential, excellent in insect repellent preparations and balancing to all skin types.  

Try Palmarosa in the diffuser with
Lemon Scented Gum to deter insects around your home.

Mint Leaves Uplifting Blend

A beautifully refreshing blend combining the minty sweetness of Spearmint with the fresh leafy aroma of Cajeput pure essential oils.  

Try Mint Leaves blend in your car diffuser for an upbeat and uplifting driving aroma, or add 10 drops into your Banksia Pod diffuser
to freshen up small spaces around your home.

Arnica Infused Carrier Oil

This oil infusion of Arnica (Arnica montana) into skin loving carrier oils, Olive and Sunflower is a sore muscle saviour.  This is the perfect infused oil to add to your post sport routine or to soothing bruises, sprains and muscle and joint swelling, but only on unbroken skin.

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