About Heritage Oils

Julia Levinson

Julia Levinson
Director & Business Owner

Julia, brought up in rural Western Australia, has always been interested in the environment and how best to manage sustainable production. Learning of the working partnership between commerce and the environment and how best to meet the needs of both, Julia has come to realise that the work being done is just tipping the iceberg.


Julia’s working life other than raising a family, has been as a facilitator and networker between government agencies at all levels and the private sector. Julia was a member of an elite group of people based in the regions, helping develop commercial farm forestry projects that provided landholders with diverse incomes whilst rehabilitating degraded land. The regional value adding opportunities were pulp wood, sawlogs and timber products but no one realised the opportunity for essential oil production from those plantings except the Sandalwood and Oil Mallee industry, both of which produce some of the world’s best oils.


Now Julia is in partnership as a Director of Heritage Oils Pty Ltd, working in the promotion and retail of essential oils. Her current interest is in researching opportunities to further develop essential oils, promote the opportunities to younger landowners and market the potential in Western Australia.


Julia takes her knowledge and products out to the community to inform the public on the safe use of essential oils and the wonderful benefits they have with assistance of her Aromatherapy colleagues. We want consumers to gain knowledge in the use of these highly concentrated little gems.

David Brocklehurst

David came to live in Australia from the UK, working as a consultant covering the Asian region. He has extensive experience in business management, sales and marketing, industry coordination and facilitation globally. Working in industries including paper products, flowers, pest management to sandalwood and essential oils, David has been an industry leader promoting the export of Australian manufactured products.


David joined the sandalwood industry in the mid 1990’s holding positions and responsibilities in; managing contracts for the West Australian Government to ensure maximum profit for the State’s resource; assisting the privately owned Mt Romance Sandalwood Company in his position as General Manager where he modernised the factory and increased production and sales of West Australian Sandalwood.


In the past 10 years David has expanded his interests in the broader essential oils industry focusing on Australian essential oils and their properties. He has taken consultancies aiding the industry to develop efficient distillation processes and exports.


David is currently Director of Heritage Oils Pty Ltd which has a large retail/wholesale outlet in Perth, Western Australia, where he markets and exports Australian essential oils globally.


Our Story

Heritage Oils began from a seed of an idea, to increase the availability of pure and natural Australian essential and vegetable oils at a fair and equitable price.  There is a global trend for ‘all things natural’ with the essential oil market growing rapidly as the need for natural remedies to help heal physical and mental wounds increase with demand.

With over 50 years collective experience in the forest and non-wood products industries, we expanded our contacts from Melbourne and Tasmania to Western Australia and now our sandals are well ‘oiled’.

Our Community

Key to our success are the rural communities, the growers, processors and technical experts who all assist us in providing you with a premium product.  Supporting sustainably managed plantations and intensively farmed plants, grown and harvested with the utmost care, our products are built on cooperative engagement for a prosperous future and healthy environment.

We pride ourselves on integrity and work closely with our peers, fusing passion, knowledge and professionalism to build an effective team.  For all those involved who produce our unique oils is a career-building project, generating local income and bringing to the market the best of Australia’s essential and vegetable oils.

Essentially Australian

Utilising the natural properties found in the wood and leaves of our indigenous species, we will continue adding new products to our range. We firmly believe that looking after your skin at an early age is preventative care for life, dispelling the need for urgent skincare as we grow older. By using our natural products removes the anxiety we have in applying chemicals to our skin on a long term basis. The bonus is that these natural Australian delights will also make you look and feel sensationally younger!