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What Is Essential Oil?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and used for cosmetic, health and medicinal purposes as well as for their spiritual and emotional uplifting properties. Our pure Australian essential oils are volatile, aromatic chemicals produced by steam (hydro distillation), or solvent extraction of various parts of plants and can help balance and support the body to heal itself. Research has shown that essential oils help fight infection, contain balancing compounds and aid regeneration. Each oil has its own individual character, an unique identity.

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Heritage Oils Quality

From the very beginning we ensure that the utmost care is taken with growing plants, harvesting the resource and distilling the oil to guarantee the quality of our Australian essential oils is never compromised. In many cases we are in direct contact with the growers and distillers and oversee production. We only use high-quality Australian essential oils which have been grown without using chemicals, harvested at the optimal time and distilled with efficacy to produce the purest quality oil possible.

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How To Use Essential Oil

For those new to the wonderful world of using premium-quality essential oils for health issues, the subject of safe usage is of the highest importance. There are differing opinions about essential oil usage, and the viewpoint of the Heritage Oils usually helps bring understanding to what seems to be conflicting information. These warnings encourage the user to exercise caution. With some basic information and common sense, we can safely explore many uses of essential oils for almost any health issue.

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  • Sanoytal™ - Our Best Kept Secret Now Released

    Sanoytal™ - Our Best Kept Secret Now Released

    The making of Sanoytal™ is a compelling story. Heritage Oils Tasmania’s Skincare and Body Care collection is the first in the world to include this precious and exciting new pure Australian oil. Sanoytal™ is processed Read More
  • Blue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers

    Blue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers

    Blue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers. Heritage Oils Tasmania launches the new Blue Cypress MOZZIE Sticks and Diffusers. Made with the purest essential oil of Eucalyptus citriodora and Citronella, combined with plantation Blue Cypress wood. Read More
  • Kunzea Oil forces ticks out of pets skin

    Kunzea Oil forces ticks out of pets skin

    One of the little dogs for whom we used the Kunzea Oil is Lucy. She’s a 3 year old miniature poodle crossed with a King Charles Spaniel. She lives on a big property in Nimbin Read More
  • Farm Diversity - Food For Oily Thoughts

    Bush Tucker is a catchy phrase for the culinary delights produced from our native bush, flowers and trees.  With our taste buds seduced by the spicy foods from around the world, to adapt to the Read More
  • A thought about organic certification

    We at Heritage Oils are often asked for organic oils and products. Then when we say we only have one - Australian Eucalyptus radiata, or that our products are made from a pure and natural base Read More
  • A Brief Story - Mallees

    A Brief Story In 1994 a national vision for plantation forestry development in Australia was in discussion. The objective to treble the area of plantations across Australia by the year 2020. The motive was to Read More
  • West Australian Heritage – A Special Story

    West Australian Heritage – A Special Story Since early days of settlement which started nearly 180 years ago, rural Western Australia has made a significant contribution towards the state’s economic development by providing opportunities for Read More
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